Greetings from 30,000 feet!

I did not expect that my first post would come from a plane but here i am, aboard Turkish Airlines en route to Istanbul (awarded Europe’s best airline by Skytrax and another authority… Continue reading

Coming up: A trip to the Levant

i’ll be traveling again in 24 hours! this blog will be updated in the following 35 days with photos, videos and posts from my upcoming travels in Europe (side of Turkey), the Middle… Continue reading

Hawker Stalls, Croc Meat Jerky and other Singaporean Food Curiosities


Shibuya Crossing!

It would be a shame to come to Tokyo and not take a walk across the famous intersection right outside Shibuya Station. When the lights turn red at this busy junction, they all… Continue reading

Conch Fritters and Bahama Mamas


Global Fast Food Jaunt: The Case of the Mega Mac (Japan)

“Tamago” means egg, “Tomato” means those red fruits that frequently get mistaken for veggies and thus are placed on greasy ground beef sandwiches along with iceberg lettuce. P.S. “Mega” is shorthand for any… Continue reading

Doors to the Ethereal – Angkor Wat: Photo Essay

Cornucopia: Street Food in Bangkok

More to come! 😀

Kyoto: Out with the Old, in with the.. Old

Kyoto, a stalwart of tradition, the keeper of Japan’s great cultural and historical heritage. This image has been attached to this seemingly sleepy and efficient city for quite some time. It is undeniable,… Continue reading

Tomb Raiding Chronicles: Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom is a walled compound bordered by a 100m wide moat. It was built by the great King Jayavarman VII as his royal palace. Behind the walls lie some of Angkor’s most important… Continue reading